Sound & Lights

Our team will analyze the specific of your event to provide sound and lighting equipment perfectly customized to create the desired atmosphere.

Regarding the equipment installation our DJs have the necessary skills, but it depends on the type of event whether we will collaborate with technical assistants for sound and lighting.

Sound system for a party, up to 250 participants:

  • Next System (2 tops + 2 subs) 3200 W 
  • RCF System (2 tops + 2 subs) 2800 W
  • RCF System (2 tops + 2 subs) 4800 W

Sound system for a live event, up to 350 participants:

  • Next HDA System (2 tops + 2 subs) 7700 W

Lighting for the dancefloor:

  • 2 LED Par lights + 2 Disco lights + 4 flashlights on stands 
  • 2 sets of 4 LED Par lights on stands  
  • 2 sets of 4 Moving Head lights on stands

Elaborate productions can be achieved using projections, visual displays on LED screens, special effects, scaffolding, and architectural lighting, all with the assistance of our collaborators.

Prices depend on the date, location, event hours, and the number of attendees. It also includes expenses for the fuel required for travel from Cluj to the event location and back to Cluj. Additionally, accommodation or driver costs may apply if the event takes place outside Cluj-Napoca, depending on the chosen DJ.